Kalayo Android Application

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Project Details

Project name : Kalayo Android Application

Version : 1.0.0


Kalayo Android application has been created in order to display Kalayo online store in the form of Web View and make using the services of this website much easier.

Project URL : https://kalayo.ir/android-app.apk

Among the features of this application, the following can be mentioned:

  • Has a Splash Screen
  • Use Webview to display the website
  • Return to the previous page of the website by touching the Back button of the smartphone
  • Display the exit confirmation message in the absence of the previous page
  • Show reload message in case of loading error
  • Display icons when loading the page
  • Ability to reload the page by dragging the page down

Tools used:

Java, XML, Android SDK

Project implementation : 1 Day

Screenshot of Kalayo Android Application
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