Nidu Crypto Toolkit WordPress Plugin

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Project Details

Project Name : Nidu Crypto Toolkit

Version : 1.0.0

Details :

Nido Crypto Kit WordPress plugin is a plugin for displaying the price of digital currencies and the conversion rate of each, which was created for “Nido software development company”.

Following are some features of this project :

  • Has a widget displaying information of the top 100 currencies based on the CoinMarketCap website
  • Has a slider widget for digital currency prices
  • Has a digital currency ticker widget that displays the price of digital currencies
  • Has a widget to convert digital exchange rates to Iranian currency
  • Customizable using a settings panel
  • Ability to receive information through the API as JSON
  • Possibility to set an additive percentage on prices
  • Ability to define custom currency
  • Possibility of limiting the currencies that can be displayed in the slider and converter widgets
  • Getting information from CoinMarketCap
  • Fully responsive
  • Ability to translate Coins name
  • Ability to use widgets in all section of a WordPress website using short codes

Used Tools :


Project Duration : One Weak

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